Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beautiful Walking Weather

Today was such a lovely day for walking. Not too hot and not too cold and no wind. Having no wind was the best part as I have a sore inner ear.

That will be a walk this week, down to the doctors to see if I need antibiotics for it or not. So while there Pat can have his flu shot.

After sewing this morning Amanda who picked me up, lives a couple of streets over from the train station. Amanda kindly dropped us off at the interchange and into the city we went.

Not having walked to the station, we made sure we walked everywhere in the city. Including from the mall to the markets. We did catch the tram back to the train station, as Pat was getting breathless and we still had the walk home from our train stop.

What a lovely walk home it was too. Just over a km from the train station to our place. I pulled the shopping cart (fondly called the 4 wheel drive) stacked full of goodies from the markets.

Feel very positive from our walk today and Pat said its good to get back into the habit of walking. Good for my health and weight loss and very good for Pat's asthma and diabetes.

Can't wait for tomorrow's walk to the stupidmarkets and think of the $ we aren't putting into the car's fuel tank.

One step at a time....

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Weeks Of Walking

Well hello blog...been awhile hasn't it??

Thought I'd drop in and say hi and let you know what my plan of attack for a couple of weeks is.

First off the car is out of rego and we have opted to go without a car and pay some bills instead.

So we are walking everywhere for the next 2 weeks at least.

Today we walked 4 km to sell my eggs to a customer. Usually we take the car....but not this time round.

I'm thinking if I am good enough blogger, I'll record each day how far we walk. I have an idea of the distances to the shopping centres.

Tomorrow we'll walk to the train station to get a train into the city and so on. But that's another story.

Even though I am not as good as what I should be (walking wise) I haven't gained weight actually I have lost a bit more. Just need to visit here and record my weight lose.

I'm excited about this challenge and can't wait to see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

One step at a time....

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm sitting here eating my breakfast, a serve of vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries from the garden thrown in. Thinking I should drop by and say hi.

Still loosing weigh, slowly and if I was able to get motivated into walking again, I'm sure I'd loose more.

Pat has been sick again with another chest infection, so I'm holding down the fort for all of us. By the time the end of the day arrives, I just fall in a heap in front of the TV.

What I need to do is, walk again....first thing in the morning. Once school is back and my walking buddy is able to encourage me and I her...... things will be back to normal.

I've lost 6 kilo now and people are telling me, they can see I have lost weight. Makes me feel good when I hear it.

Oh yeah, I heard the other day..................one of those yummy muffins you like to eat with your coffee while out shopping, is equivalent to 8 slices of bread. eek Oh well..... more weight lost and more $$$ in my purse....lol

One step at a time....

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Update

Well yes it's that time of the year, where we're told not to over indulge and to eat in moderation.

Also if we fall off the weight wagon to just start fresh the next day.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

We're off out to our son-in law's parent's place for Christmas this year. So I have no idea what we are going to be having for Christmas lunch. But I do know I shall enjoy it very much and just start again on the 26th.

I'm still loosing weight, I was 84.7 yesterday morning. Khris and I seem to have found it hard to get motivated for walking in this time of the silly season. Once she is back from Queensland I'll have to kick our bums and get out walking again.

So from this want- a-be but slimmer woman, to you out there Merry Christmas and stay safe on the roads.

One step at a time....

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

What The Doctor Said.

Oh I am a happy, slimmer woman today.....

Pat needed to see our family doctor and so I thought, I'd get an idea of my height and ideal weight range for me.

Its there in black and white.... so I have amended my height and weight I would like to aim for.

I'm nearly out of the obese range and into the over weight range. I'm stoked!!!! I can't remember the last time I was under 85 kilo, back when I was working, over 8 years ago at a guess.

Onwards and upwards..... or should that be downwards (weight wise.)

One step at a time....

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another One Bite The Dust.

Yay....I have once again shifted my lovely little butterfly along the chart scale. Another kilo bites the dust.

This week coming is going to be a testing time for me as my walking buddy is going home to Queensland for a week. So if I don't get out and pound the pavements on my own, I'll be in the gym room on the treadmill each night.

Might end up posting here a bit more, to clear my head as I won't have Khris to chew her ear off instead.

Tomorrow my niece is getting married, so I'm not going to be stressing out too much about what I eat. She's only going to be married once and so I'm going to enjoy the day 100%.

One step at a time....

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fruit Loaf

I have a fruit loaf cooking in the bread maker. Oh it smells so yummy....... but I'm going to be good and not have a slice until tomorrow for breakfast.

On a different note, if I jump on my scales and hold my cat Lucky at the same time, my weight is what it was when my journey started earlier this month.

Instead of thinking I've lost a 2 kilo packet of sugar, I'm now thinking........... I've lost my beautiful cat.....lol

That is so cool.

Khris & I did get a walk in last evening. The promise of rain followed us for the hour, but only a very light mist fell for a couple of minutes.

This afternoon I walked for 20 mins and then did weights for 20 mins. By then the Supernatural DVD had run its 40 min course.

One thing that has stood out is my sleep pattern has changed. I'm no longer laying there for up to an hour waiting to fall asleep. Also I am not waking up much through the night, unless Pat wakes me. This makes me so happy.

Anyway...better go and find something to keep my mind and nose off that fruit loaf cooking...............

One step at a time....

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