Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beautiful Walking Weather

Today was such a lovely day for walking. Not too hot and not too cold and no wind. Having no wind was the best part as I have a sore inner ear.

That will be a walk this week, down to the doctors to see if I need antibiotics for it or not. So while there Pat can have his flu shot.

After sewing this morning Amanda who picked me up, lives a couple of streets over from the train station. Amanda kindly dropped us off at the interchange and into the city we went.

Not having walked to the station, we made sure we walked everywhere in the city. Including from the mall to the markets. We did catch the tram back to the train station, as Pat was getting breathless and we still had the walk home from our train stop.

What a lovely walk home it was too. Just over a km from the train station to our place. I pulled the shopping cart (fondly called the 4 wheel drive) stacked full of goodies from the markets.

Feel very positive from our walk today and Pat said its good to get back into the habit of walking. Good for my health and weight loss and very good for Pat's asthma and diabetes.

Can't wait for tomorrow's walk to the stupidmarkets and think of the $ we aren't putting into the car's fuel tank.

One step at a time....

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