Sunday, November 14, 2010

What The Doctor Said.

Oh I am a happy, slimmer woman today.....

Pat needed to see our family doctor and so I thought, I'd get an idea of my height and ideal weight range for me.

Its there in black and white.... so I have amended my height and weight I would like to aim for.

I'm nearly out of the obese range and into the over weight range. I'm stoked!!!! I can't remember the last time I was under 85 kilo, back when I was working, over 8 years ago at a guess.

Onwards and upwards..... or should that be downwards (weight wise.)

One step at a time....

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Robyn said...

It's always nice to have the 'official' figures as well as what you think you should be. Gives one a more concise goal to aim for.
You are doing well with your weight loss and here's a *cheer* for losing 8 years or so. Does that make you forever young? :P

Anonymous said...

Hey...How is it going???
Even if you've fallen off the can get back on! I'm struggling with a lot of weight to lose! I'm working on it now..have lost a pound or two...nothing really but a start! Hope you come back and post!