Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Update

Well yes it's that time of the year, where we're told not to over indulge and to eat in moderation.

Also if we fall off the weight wagon to just start fresh the next day.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

We're off out to our son-in law's parent's place for Christmas this year. So I have no idea what we are going to be having for Christmas lunch. But I do know I shall enjoy it very much and just start again on the 26th.

I'm still loosing weight, I was 84.7 yesterday morning. Khris and I seem to have found it hard to get motivated for walking in this time of the silly season. Once she is back from Queensland I'll have to kick our bums and get out walking again.

So from this want- a-be but slimmer woman, to you out there Merry Christmas and stay safe on the roads.

One step at a time....

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

What The Doctor Said.

Oh I am a happy, slimmer woman today.....

Pat needed to see our family doctor and so I thought, I'd get an idea of my height and ideal weight range for me.

Its there in black and white.... so I have amended my height and weight I would like to aim for.

I'm nearly out of the obese range and into the over weight range. I'm stoked!!!! I can't remember the last time I was under 85 kilo, back when I was working, over 8 years ago at a guess.

Onwards and upwards..... or should that be downwards (weight wise.)

One step at a time....

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another One Bite The Dust.

Yay....I have once again shifted my lovely little butterfly along the chart scale. Another kilo bites the dust.

This week coming is going to be a testing time for me as my walking buddy is going home to Queensland for a week. So if I don't get out and pound the pavements on my own, I'll be in the gym room on the treadmill each night.

Might end up posting here a bit more, to clear my head as I won't have Khris to chew her ear off instead.

Tomorrow my niece is getting married, so I'm not going to be stressing out too much about what I eat. She's only going to be married once and so I'm going to enjoy the day 100%.

One step at a time....

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fruit Loaf

I have a fruit loaf cooking in the bread maker. Oh it smells so yummy....... but I'm going to be good and not have a slice until tomorrow for breakfast.

On a different note, if I jump on my scales and hold my cat Lucky at the same time, my weight is what it was when my journey started earlier this month.

Instead of thinking I've lost a 2 kilo packet of sugar, I'm now thinking........... I've lost my beautiful

That is so cool.

Khris & I did get a walk in last evening. The promise of rain followed us for the hour, but only a very light mist fell for a couple of minutes.

This afternoon I walked for 20 mins and then did weights for 20 mins. By then the Supernatural DVD had run its 40 min course.

One thing that has stood out is my sleep pattern has changed. I'm no longer laying there for up to an hour waiting to fall asleep. Also I am not waking up much through the night, unless Pat wakes me. This makes me so happy.

Anyway...better go and find something to keep my mind and nose off that fruit loaf cooking...............

One step at a time....

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Weigh In

Not for me it isn'

I'm stoked as this week I lost weight.......YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

All up I have now lost 2.4 kilo and I'm grinning from ear to ear.

The extra walking and smaller meals and 5 a day not 3 is helping. I'm learning more about the info on foods and I'm now eating fruit. Yep fruit!!! eek I'm more of a vegie girl, but I'm learning to eat fruit and enjoy it. I must say I do like the tropical fruit to pears and apples.

Today its raining here, so no walk today. After tea tonight I'll use our treadmill up in the gym and play a DVD to stop me being bored.

Khris also gave me some digital bathroom scales to use. Thanks Khris, save you dragging yours over when we go walking and I'm having a fit , if my weight has gained.

Walks off into the sunset....... singing......... I've lost something and I am feeling wonderful.....lalalala mrgreen

One step at a time....

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Reward

Today Pat & I were in the city and while there we took a tram to Hettie's Patch and I rewarded myself with some beautiful fabric for loosing 2 kilo.

I thought 1/4 metre per 500 grams was a good call.

I have a feeling I have put it back on now though....... bugger hey???? eek A busy last weekend and today wasn't a good day eating wise..... gone from 8.45 this morning to 4.30 in the afternoon. Finished off the day with fish & chips as we're both too darn tired to cook any tea.

Gee if this is the case, do I take the fabric back and get a

One step at a time....

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Been Hard This weekend.

This weekend just gone was a complete right-off.................... hanging out for a walk with Khris after tea tonight.

As I say at the end of these posts mrgreen

One step at a time....

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food, Food And Food.

LOL that cartoon is just how I felt this morning at weigh in time. I'm the same weight I was last Friday. razz Both Khris and I just looked at each other..... I check 3 times and for a laugh I removed my ankle socks and raised my arms to see if the scales even moved.


Going over the last week we came up with some thoughts like

  • I haven't been eating my points (Weight Watchers) up each day and maybe my body is hanging on to the small amount I am having and not burning a lot of it up. I'm allowed 20 points a day and some days I was only having 16.
  • Lifting weights in the gym has started to turn my flabby pecks to firmer pecks and my weight is staying the same. Wonder if my boobs will become perky again??
  • I'm not pooping like I used to either....... you were just busting to know that one, weren't you. twisted I would have a sandwich for lunch (home made multi grain bread), so I'll go back to that as well and see if the pooping returns. No carbs in the afternoon or evening.
  • I'm special mrgreen Yeah I like that

So I'm going to try something different for the next 7 days.

  • Eat my points each day.
  • Have little snacks between meals, I'm not a grazer......3 meals a day has been my motto for years. Unless I hit the Cheese and Onion chips. Then its look out it comes with a splash of diet coke.
  • Have a fresh egg from one of my girls each morning for breakfast. Usually its 1 piece of toast and a cup of tea and nothing until lunch time.
  • Only do weights once a week on a Wednesday night. Monday & Friday nights, walk on the treadmill.
  • Keep that walking up in the mornings with Khris.
  • Plus the walking I do with Pat to the shops and such.

Be interesting to see what happens over the next 7 days.

I don't see what I have done as a loss for the last week as I didn't lose any weight. What I did gain though was a great friendship and walking buddy and more energy. I'm happy with this weeks effort.

Oh yeah I have been measured and I'll pop the sizes on my side bar. If I'm gonna be talking fat , flab, fun, firming up and trimming down........ gotta do the bad with the good. As I do in all my blogs.

One step at a time....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Snacking.

Thank goodness the radishes are starting to be picked out in my organic vegie garden. I don't mind sharing a nibble here and there as I can eat as many as these as I like.

Walking today was once again fun and I have put a link to Khris' blog on my side bar. My legs and hips were feeling it this morning. I have put this down to the hour walk yesterday and then the 40 mins in the gym last night.

Tomorrow can't some fast enough as I get to jump on some scales. I wonder how much I have lost this last week???

At the moment I am cooking some mini egg & bacon pies for a kitchen tea for my soon to be married niece.Needed to remember not to eat any of the bacon trimmings. mrgreen

This Saturday morning will be a big test as the kitchen tea is in my house. eek

One step at a time....

Day 12

I have 5 other blogs............ about gardening, knitting, sewing, food saving and my traveling pigs. So what is another one to add to my list. Now I'm sitting here thinking how do I start off this blog, about something very weight.

I mean there are some women who wouldn't dare whisper their weight in case someone heard. Not me, one thing I am not is shy.

Figured just jump in and say what I want and how I want.

I'm chubby, spongy, carry weight, have love handles ....more places than I care to think. My knees hurt and my hips some days can be painful. Basically I am fat.

I've been known as
  • Mum & Dad's daughter
  • Pat's wife
  • Amy & James' mum
and now
  • Pat's carer
Over these years I haven't really put much thought into me. Oh sure I garden, knit, sew and such, but not for me.

After Pat went on insulin for his diabetes back in April this year and I had to fine tune his eating habits, I started to think about my health. Pat's diabetes is due to years of ill health with his asthma and the steroids he has needed to take since 1997.

At quilting I was listening to my friends about how they are searching for that weight loss or are achieving it.

On Friday 8th of October 2010 I took that step and here we are.

In the 12 days I have lost 1.9 kilo and I have my second weigh in at a friend's place this Friday. There are no scales in our house, my last set broke and I was using Amy's. But as she left home 2 years ago, I haven't worried about replacing them.

James' bedroom has been made into a gym and why not take advantage of this as I'm not paying gym fees. Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights I take my laptop up and play a DVD of Supernatural and put 40 plus minutes into exercises.

Also today Khris and I have started walking near my place on a soccer oval. We put an hour in, brisk walking and talking and it was a load of fun. Instead of walking at Pat's speed (we walk a lot) I was what felt like running.

I want to use this blog to record my thoughts, weight loss and I am sure weight gain. It's not a diet, but a life style change.

On the days I am weighed I'll record it here for all to see.

Also over the next week or so I'll add to the side bar and pretty it up some.

If you become a follower.....thanks and feel free to comment too.

One step at a time....