Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food, Food And Food.

LOL that cartoon is just how I felt this morning at weigh in time. I'm the same weight I was last Friday. razz Both Khris and I just looked at each other..... I check 3 times and for a laugh I removed my ankle socks and raised my arms to see if the scales even moved.


Going over the last week we came up with some thoughts like

  • I haven't been eating my points (Weight Watchers) up each day and maybe my body is hanging on to the small amount I am having and not burning a lot of it up. I'm allowed 20 points a day and some days I was only having 16.
  • Lifting weights in the gym has started to turn my flabby pecks to firmer pecks and my weight is staying the same. Wonder if my boobs will become perky again??
  • I'm not pooping like I used to either....... you were just busting to know that one, weren't you. twisted I would have a sandwich for lunch (home made multi grain bread), so I'll go back to that as well and see if the pooping returns. No carbs in the afternoon or evening.
  • I'm special mrgreen Yeah I like that

So I'm going to try something different for the next 7 days.

  • Eat my points each day.
  • Have little snacks between meals, I'm not a grazer......3 meals a day has been my motto for years. Unless I hit the Cheese and Onion chips. Then its look out it comes with a splash of diet coke.
  • Have a fresh egg from one of my girls each morning for breakfast. Usually its 1 piece of toast and a cup of tea and nothing until lunch time.
  • Only do weights once a week on a Wednesday night. Monday & Friday nights, walk on the treadmill.
  • Keep that walking up in the mornings with Khris.
  • Plus the walking I do with Pat to the shops and such.

Be interesting to see what happens over the next 7 days.

I don't see what I have done as a loss for the last week as I didn't lose any weight. What I did gain though was a great friendship and walking buddy and more energy. I'm happy with this weeks effort.

Oh yeah I have been measured and I'll pop the sizes on my side bar. If I'm gonna be talking fat , flab, fun, firming up and trimming down........ gotta do the bad with the good. As I do in all my blogs.

One step at a time....


Khris said...

Great post Lucky...a really good recap of the day/week...I know you can kick this and I am here with you all the way...I appreciate your support to keep me in line too.
Hugs Khris

Robyn said...

You did gain, not weight but muscle and as I've done this before (not telling how many times though) you've probably reached the 'evening out' stage. Well, that's what I call it as for every gram of fat you lose you gain a gram of muscle so you feel better, are fitter, your shape can change - in a good way, but your weight doesn't alter. Positive side of this is that the more muscle you have the faster you burn carbs so don't be disappointed because the benefits are coming :)!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks girls:)