Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Snacking.

Thank goodness the radishes are starting to be picked out in my organic vegie garden. I don't mind sharing a nibble here and there as I can eat as many as these as I like.

Walking today was once again fun and I have put a link to Khris' blog on my side bar. My legs and hips were feeling it this morning. I have put this down to the hour walk yesterday and then the 40 mins in the gym last night.

Tomorrow can't some fast enough as I get to jump on some scales. I wonder how much I have lost this last week???

At the moment I am cooking some mini egg & bacon pies for a kitchen tea for my soon to be married niece.Needed to remember not to eat any of the bacon trimmings. mrgreen

This Saturday morning will be a big test as the kitchen tea is in my house. eek

One step at a time....

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Robyn said...

Be strong and only indulge in one of your favourite 'unhealthy' foods, and as few serves as possible :P. Too much abstinence makes a diet go stale quickly.