Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Reward

Today Pat & I were in the city and while there we took a tram to Hettie's Patch and I rewarded myself with some beautiful fabric for loosing 2 kilo.

I thought 1/4 metre per 500 grams was a good call.

I have a feeling I have put it back on now though....... bugger hey???? eek A busy last weekend and today wasn't a good day eating wise..... gone from 8.45 this morning to 4.30 in the afternoon. Finished off the day with fish & chips as we're both too darn tired to cook any tea.

Gee if this is the case, do I take the fabric back and get a refund.......lol

One step at a time....

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1 comment:

Robyn said...

Return it, nah...just don't make anything from it until you have again lost the weight that you bought it as a reward for. Otherwise you'll just have to go buy it again and that would be a waste of time and petrol!