Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fruit Loaf

I have a fruit loaf cooking in the bread maker. Oh it smells so yummy....... but I'm going to be good and not have a slice until tomorrow for breakfast.

On a different note, if I jump on my scales and hold my cat Lucky at the same time, my weight is what it was when my journey started earlier this month.

Instead of thinking I've lost a 2 kilo packet of sugar, I'm now thinking........... I've lost my beautiful

That is so cool.

Khris & I did get a walk in last evening. The promise of rain followed us for the hour, but only a very light mist fell for a couple of minutes.

This afternoon I walked for 20 mins and then did weights for 20 mins. By then the Supernatural DVD had run its 40 min course.

One thing that has stood out is my sleep pattern has changed. I'm no longer laying there for up to an hour waiting to fall asleep. Also I am not waking up much through the night, unless Pat wakes me. This makes me so happy.

Anyway...better go and find something to keep my mind and nose off that fruit loaf cooking...............

One step at a time....

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Kimberly said...

Hello! Thanks so much for your sweet comment... and CONGRATS on your losses so far! I'm not so good with kilos (I'm more of a pounds type gal) but I see losses and I know that they're a good thing!

I'm adding you to my reading list and we can keep tabs on each other!

Keep up the great work! Hugs, Kimberly

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Kimberly:) Good luck with your journey too:D