Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Weigh In

Not for me it isn'

I'm stoked as this week I lost weight.......YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

All up I have now lost 2.4 kilo and I'm grinning from ear to ear.

The extra walking and smaller meals and 5 a day not 3 is helping. I'm learning more about the info on foods and I'm now eating fruit. Yep fruit!!! eek I'm more of a vegie girl, but I'm learning to eat fruit and enjoy it. I must say I do like the tropical fruit to pears and apples.

Today its raining here, so no walk today. After tea tonight I'll use our treadmill up in the gym and play a DVD to stop me being bored.

Khris also gave me some digital bathroom scales to use. Thanks Khris, save you dragging yours over when we go walking and I'm having a fit , if my weight has gained.

Walks off into the sunset....... singing......... I've lost something and I am feeling wonderful.....lalalala mrgreen

One step at a time....

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Robyn said...

ROFLMAO! See, I told you you'd just have to go back and buy that fabric again if you returned it for a refund :D. You probably thought you'd gained weight a few days ago as a tired body always seems heavier at the end of a long day. Big cheer for the lesser you!!!

sandra said...

Well done, Leanne, keep up with the fruit & veg. You are lucky to have the treadmill for when the weather is bad too.