Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 12

I have 5 other blogs............ about gardening, knitting, sewing, food saving and my traveling pigs. So what is another one to add to my list. Now I'm sitting here thinking how do I start off this blog, about something very weight.

I mean there are some women who wouldn't dare whisper their weight in case someone heard. Not me, one thing I am not is shy.

Figured just jump in and say what I want and how I want.

I'm chubby, spongy, carry weight, have love handles ....more places than I care to think. My knees hurt and my hips some days can be painful. Basically I am fat.

I've been known as
  • Mum & Dad's daughter
  • Pat's wife
  • Amy & James' mum
and now
  • Pat's carer
Over these years I haven't really put much thought into me. Oh sure I garden, knit, sew and such, but not for me.

After Pat went on insulin for his diabetes back in April this year and I had to fine tune his eating habits, I started to think about my health. Pat's diabetes is due to years of ill health with his asthma and the steroids he has needed to take since 1997.

At quilting I was listening to my friends about how they are searching for that weight loss or are achieving it.

On Friday 8th of October 2010 I took that step and here we are.

In the 12 days I have lost 1.9 kilo and I have my second weigh in at a friend's place this Friday. There are no scales in our house, my last set broke and I was using Amy's. But as she left home 2 years ago, I haven't worried about replacing them.

James' bedroom has been made into a gym and why not take advantage of this as I'm not paying gym fees. Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights I take my laptop up and play a DVD of Supernatural and put 40 plus minutes into exercises.

Also today Khris and I have started walking near my place on a soccer oval. We put an hour in, brisk walking and talking and it was a load of fun. Instead of walking at Pat's speed (we walk a lot) I was what felt like running.

I want to use this blog to record my thoughts, weight loss and I am sure weight gain. It's not a diet, but a life style change.

On the days I am weighed I'll record it here for all to see.

Also over the next week or so I'll add to the side bar and pretty it up some.

If you become a follower.....thanks and feel free to comment too.

One step at a time....


Khris said...

Great to see you writing about your journey chooky....lets do this and get rid of our extra baggage for good...hugs Khris

sandra said...

I am going to follow with interest. Keep up the good work.

Shirlwin said...

You have great courage!!! I am sure you will succeed; lol there will too many of us following your efforts.